Steel fabrication for the dredging, civil construction, mining, concrete and quarry industries.

TMR (QLD) approved Steel Fabricator (Level 2) for:

  • Truss bridges,
  • Rolled steel girders, 
  • Overhead fabricated gantries,
  • Traffic and balustrade rail,
  • Bridge throw screens,
  • Road side mounted sign gantries,
  • Bridge restraint angles,
  • Bearing attachment plates,
  • Traffic sign slip base poles,
  • Fabricated noise barrier posts,
  • Galvanised steel cover plates,
  • Gates,
  • and other miscellaneous steel fabrication.

Neumann Fabrication can fabricate a wide range of products for a variety of industries, including:

Mining Industry

Storage tank components, piping and pipe supports, catwalks, stairs, platforms, launder assemblies, fuel pipeline, nozzles. See more Steel Fabrication Projects for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Pump skids, transfer tanks, chutes and bins, trommels, crusher an screens, conveyor systems, mineral processing equipment/plants, towers, pipe work, pipe spools, switch room structures, catwalk, handrailings, stairs, platforms, guarding, extraction systems, water monitor skid units. See more Steel Fabrication Projects for the Mining Industry

Civil Construction Industry

Overhead sign portal gantries for static signs, overhead sign cantilever gantries for variable message signs, steel components for bridges, including traffic rails and balustrades, fabricated hold down bolt & footing cages, anti-throw screens. See more Steel Fabrication Projects for the Civil Construction Industry

Dredging Industry

Dredge manufacture, pontoons, barges, specialized marine equipment, booster pumps, pump skids, jet pump systems. See more Steel Fabrication Projects for the Dredging Industry

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