V1 Veloway Bikeway

V1 Veloway Bikeway Update – August

Veloway Steel Truss Structures – Transported to Site

Our steel fabrication team has finished the bridge structure and loaded the first truss onto the transport.

The oversize transport was from our Currumbin Yard to Juliette Street in Brisbane and involved special transport gear, Pilots and police escorts.

V1 Veloway Project Details:

The works involves the fabrication of a 135 metre long bridge structure over Juliette Street and a section of bikeway from Cornwall Street to O’Keefe Street for the V1 Veloway Bikeway Project.

The bridge structure has been fully fabricated in three 45 metre pieces in our Currumbin yard and delivered to Juliette Street, Greenslopes.

The V1, once completed, will run from Brisbane City to the Gateway Motorway off-ramp at Eight Mile Plains. The 17km connection will successfully provide the missing links within existing cycleway network and ensure a safe and dedicated commute for cyclists. The Veloway will also help promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

TMR Registered Steel Fabricator

Neumann Fabrication is a registered Level 3* Steel Fabricator for the Queensland – Department of Transport and Main Roads in the following areas:

  • Truss bridges,
  • Rolled steel girders,
  • Overhead fabricated gantries,
  • Traffic and balustrade rail,
  • Bridge throw screens,
  • Road side mounted sign gantries,
  • Bridge restraint angles,
  • Bearing attachment plates,
  • Traffic sign slip base poles,
  • Fabricated noise barrier posts,
  • Galvanised steel cover plates,
  • Gates,
  • and other miscellaneous steel fabrication

Note Level 3 is the highest level of qualification – * Level 3 – A supplier who has consistently supplied product in accordance with the TMR specification for a period of 2 years.

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