Floating Electric Booster Pump




Saudi Arabia

Fabrication of a Floating Electric Booster Pump

Scope of Works

Neumann Fabrication was awarded a comprehensive contract in June 2022 in a significant international venture. Our remit encompassed the design, engineering, manufacture, coating, delivery, and commissioning of a floating booster pump station for a long-standing client in Saudi Arabia.

This booster pump is a strategic addition to an existing Neumann dredger, operational for over 25 years.  This longevity is a testament to the enduring quality and reliability of Neumann products.  The pump is part of a series of five stations, essential for maintaining operational efficiency as the dredger extends its distance from the mineral processing plant.

Keys to Success

  • Client Relationship: A robust, long-standing relationship with the client, built over many years, has been a cornerstone of this project’s success.
  • Technical Expertise: Extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and collaborative efforts between our construction team and in-house engineers ensured the application of optimal design principles.
  • System Integration: Our strong knowledge of telemetry requirements and VFD/PLC systems was crucial for integrating the existing equipment.
  • Supplier Coordination: Close coordination with suppliers on long-lead items was essential to adhere to the commissioning schedule.

Challenges Addressed

  • On-Site Commissioning: A team of fitters and engineers was dispatched to Saudi Arabia to commission the booster pump in the salt pond upon its arrival.
  • Cultural and Language Barriers: Overcoming the language and cultural differences between Australian and Saudi engineers posed a unique challenge.
  • International Standards Compliance: Ensuring strict adherence to international standards for all steelwork and operational equipment was paramount.
  • Procurement Negotiations: Securing favourable terms for long-lead procurement items for essential equipment was a critical aspect of the project management.


The successful completion of the floating booster pump station for the Saudi Arabian client exemplifies Neumann Fabrications’ capability to handle complex international projects.  This project reinforces our commitment to quality and longevity in our products and showcases our ability to navigate cross-cultural environments and adhere to stringent international standards.  The booster pump station, functioning as part of a larger operational framework, stands as a symbol of our dedication to enhancing efficiency and sustaining client relationships across borders.

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