Mayne Stabling Yard Security Fencing




Bowen Hill, Brisbane, Qld

Fabrication and Installation of Mayne Stabling Yard Security Fencing

Overview of Project

In a collaborative effort with Fencepac, Neumann Fabrication undertook a critical
security upgrade project for Queensland Rail.

Scope of Works

Our primary responsibility encompassed the supply, fabrication, and application of protective coating for all steel fencing and related components.   This project required meticulous planning and execution to meet the stringent safety and performance criteria established for the security upgrade.

The Project Involved Several Key Stages:

  • Material Procurement: Sourcing high-quality steel, ensuring it meets rigorous quality assurance and traceability requirements.
  • Fabrication: Detailed cutting, shaping, and assembling of fence components.
  • Quality Control: Conducting rigorous testing to verify that all fencing components adhered to the pre-established security standards.
  • Galvanising: Applying high-quality hot-dip galvanising treatment to all steel members for enhanced durability against environmental conditions.

Key to Success

  • Client Relationship: A robust and long-standing relationship with the client, cultivated over many years, was fundamental to the project’s success.
  • Proven Expertise: Leveraging our previous experience in fabricating security fencing components for Queensland Rail.
  • Precision Fabrication: Utilising jigs to ensure the consistent production of identical components with millimetre accuracy.
  • Supplier Coordination: Closely coordinating with suppliers on long-lead items to ensure adherence to the installation schedule.


Our collaboration with Fencepac culminated in a highly successful security upgrade for Queensland Rail.  The methodologies we employed delivered a robust security solution that met and exceeded QR’s specifications.  Notably, over 90% of the project was completed with zero interruption to the power grid and without any lost time injuries.  The project was also delivered ahead of schedule, underscoring Neumann Fabrications’ commitment to providing exceptional value to our clients. 

Through effective project management and the implementation of innovative solutions, we played a pivotal role in significantly reducing the security risks associated with works involving Queensland Rail’s stabling yards.  Our approach demonstrated our ability to manage complex projects efficiently while maintaining high safety and quality standards.

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