Floating Electrical Booster Pump

Floating Electric Booster Pump

Mastering Fabrication: The Floating Electric Booster Pump Revolutionises Salt Slurry Processing

A Breakthrough in Salt Slurry Processing

A great project of this magnitude not often comes into the workshop and makes itself comfortable for six months.  The Floating Electric Booster Pump, designed by Neumann Engineering Services and built by Neumann Fabrication, is a project that has tested our boilermakers’ skills and patience.  It was not easy doing the daily grind (literally) on a project which weighed over 70 tonnes of steel.  However, with all the headaches and exhilaration a project of this size brings, our fabrication team has proved to be more than adequate in finishing the job with the expected quality of finish.

Unmatched Features for Adaptability and Safety

The floating electric booster pump stands out with its innovative design, featuring a large floating structure that allows for variable processing direction.  The pump has extensive safety systems and monitoring equipment, ensuring operations remain safe and efficient.

Floating Electrical Booster Pump

Engineering Excellence

The engineering process, which took approximately 2300 hours, involved detailed engineering drawings, manufacturing assistance, and extensive documentation.  Combining engineering, fabrication, assembly, and administration, the project required around 10,000 hours of labour.  This level of effort demonstrates the thoroughness and attention to detail that went into developing the floating electric booster pump.

Industrial Blasting and Coating for Durability

Neumann Industrial Coatings expertly applied abrasive blasting and painting to the pump.  The surface was blasted to class 2.5 using steel grit GL50 and primed with Galvit Primer EP 102 RR.  The topcoat was applied using DTM 985, with a non-slip coating made of river sand for the walking surface.  In total, 140 litres of primer and 400 litres of topcoat were used to ensure durability and longevity.

Floating Electrical Booster Pump
Floating Electrical Booster Pump

Compliant Design and Integration

One of the main challenges from the engineering perspective was ensuring compliance with the customer’s 60-page technical scope document and the 50 standards specific to the client.  Neumann Engineering Services achieved a design that met all specifications and requirements by integrating components and specifications from various suppliers.

Technical Specifications

The floating electric booster pump measures 18 x 9m and weighs approximately 75 tonnes.  Its motor is a Siemens 820kW medium voltage motor consuming 4160V power.  The control room operates the pump’s speed and ensures safe start-up and shutdown procedures, while the electric room houses two oil-cooled transformers to step down the voltage to an acceptable level.  The system also features PLC and HMI units for remote control and monitoring.

Innovative Spud System

The “Inverse Crossley Spud System”, designed in-house, is an independent hydraulic power unit that drives the 12-meter-long spuds.  This spud drive arrangement uses an inverse roller and sprocket setup to reduce tooth contact pressures and manufacturing costs, making wear components easy to replace.

Floating Electrical Booster Pump

Strategic Electrical Switch Room Placement

The land-based electrical switch room keeps sensitive medium-voltage equipment easily accessible and safe by reducing the need for high-voltage electrical cables over the water.  Medium and low voltage is used instead, enhancing safety and maintenance.

Fun Fact

The floating electric booster pump would consume twice as much energy in one day of operation as the average Australian household in 12 months.

In Conclusion

The Floating Electric Booster Pump is revolutionising the salt slurry processing industry with its unique design, safety features, and engineering excellence.  It offers a flexible and efficient solution for extended dredging capabilities, ensuring businesses can improve their operations while maintaining safety and compliance.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your dredging abilities!  Contact Neumann Engineering Services today to learn more about how the Floating Electric Booster Pump can revolutionise your salt slurry processing system.  Experience the efficiency, safety, and flexibility it brings to your operations. 

Upgrade your dredging capabilities and take your business to new heights with the floating electric booster pump.  Call us now to help you transform your salt slurry processing.

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