Quick Hitch Capstan Winches

Neumann Fabrication is busy with its Many Projects, including the Fabrication of Quick Hitch Capstan Winch Casing Weldments for Neumann Equipment.

“Sometimes I wonder if there is a downside to being an excellent boilermaker. The jobs simply never stop for us here at Neumann Fabrication. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” – Steve Mak (Boilermaker)

Neumann Equipment produces high-quality Quick Hitch Capstan Winches designed to suit various industrial equipment such as excavators, backhoes or bobcats.

However, before the product is delivered to the customer, it goes through the fabrication of its steel plate housing.  This means that our top boilermaker Steve is busy, not keeping still.

The plate for the top pressing is 16mm thick, MS GR 250 (Mild Steel Grade 250), while the bottom pressing plate is 6mm thick and MS GR 250.  Grade 250 is a structural steel of medium strength.  It is used in civil infrastructure such as high-rise buildings and bridges.  It is also the most common grade used in steel fabrication because of its strength, formability and weldability.  This particular grade is available from 3mm to 300mm in thickness.

Assembly of a Quick Hitch Capstan Winch within the fabricated 16mm and 6mm steel plate housing
Steve Mak, the top quality boilermaker fabricating Quick Hitch Capstan Winch housing

Quick Hitch Capstan Winches by Neumann Equipment are available in three capacities of the standard line pulls: 2, 3, and 4 tonnes.  To see more detailed information from our Neumann Equipment in stock range of Winches, you can download the Quick Hitch Capstan Winch Product Data Sheet via this link.  The steel plate housing that Steve fabricates is of the same size for various line pull capacities.  The motors within the housing are of different capacities, making the fabrication process and stock availability for our customers easier. 

The next stage of the Quick Hitch Capstan Winch production will be the paint shop at our Neumann Industrial Coatings and Sandblasting unit, where the housings will be spray-painted in high-vis yellow colour.

“I love the smell of Neumann Fabrication workshop in the morning.” – Steve

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