Test Rig Safety Screens

Test Rig Safety Guard

Enhancing Workplace Safety: Neumann Equipment's Test Rig Safety Guard.

Guarding Excellence for a Safer Future

Neumann Equipment takes workplace safety seriously, adhering to Queensland safety regulations for guarding plant and equipment.  With the installation of a robust safety guard for their test rig, Neumann Fabrication ensures compliance with state government requirements and prioritises the prevention of injuries.

Understanding ‘Plant’

Under the guidance of the Queensland Government’s Worksafe, the term ‘plant’ encompasses a wide range of machinery, appliances, equipment, and tools.  Any moving parts of a plant must be safeguarded with a safety guard to minimise work-related injuries and fatalities, from lifts and cranes to conveyors and power tools.

Test Rig Safety Screens
Test Rig Safety Screens

Dan is getting the measurements for the overall length and hinge points of the safety guard to guard against the moving parts of the counterweight

The Importance of Safety Guards

A safety guard serves multiple functions, including denying access to personnel or body parts, containing ejected parts, and contributing to a safe working environment. 

In this case, the test rig is used by Neumann Equipment for testing of:

Built For Safety

Neumann Equipment aligns with Australian Standard AS 4024 – Safety of Machinery series, adopting comprehensive guidelines for guarding practices.  By implementing fixed and movable guards, among other measures, they mitigate risks, protect team members, and safeguard machinery.  This proactive approach reflects their commitment to creating a secure work environment.

Test Rig Safety Screens
Test Rig Safety Screens

Benefits of Robust Guarding Measures

Prioritising workplace safety yields numerous advantages for Neumann Equipment.  It reduces accidents, injuries, and equipment damage, promoting team member well-being and morale.  Furthermore, it minimises downtime, leading to substantial cost savings.  Neumann Equipment’s dedication to safety strengthens its reputation as a responsible organisation, attracting safety-conscious clients and team members alike.

By incorporating the Queensland government’s Worksafe regulations and prioritising safety through robust guarding measures, Neumann Equipment sets the standard for workplace safety in the industry.

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